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Our Story

The Early Days

Soles of Men is the brainchild of a successful software engineer & designer nicknamed "Ken Dubbs". Initially launching in the summer of 2015, Soles of Men started off selling Authentic, hard-to-find shoes in extremely limited stock. These were acquired through working with a small network of sneaker shops across the U.S., by leveraging the connections he made from working within the industry. 

Ken's original intentions for Soles of Men was to run it as a small shoe store, a boutique if you may, to sell and trade Limited Edition sneakers or gear in small quantities. But word soon got out about his store and the demand for products grew substantially. Seeing the phrase "Sold Out" was a common thing on his website. Would-be clients often offered to pay slightly more if Ken would be willing to locate shoes or gear for them. This is where Soles of Men started to evolve.


Decisions, Decisions

After a year of running Soles of Men, Ken was approached with an opportunity of a lifetime. He was selected to fulfill an engineering contract abroad, which would require him to relocate to work on-site within a developing country. So the tough decision was made to temporarily close Soles of Men until his return to United States. He finished any open orders and sent out a mass email informing his supporters.


The Reboot.

Soles of Men reopened its doors in 2018 with a new focus on client experience. We've added a new design initiative where we combine the passion for creatively designed sneakers and colorways with a twist of pop culture elements in order to create a style that is unique to the Soles of Men brand.

Client feedback is also at the core of our new design principle.  Our clients are encouraged to talk with us and share ideas of what our next designs should be. And in return, for any of the ideas chosen by Ken (our founder & Lead Designer), he will bring it to life and give credit to the client who inspired the design.

Our clients are family. So we will make sure that we deliver the best experience possible!